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OVH is an independent French company based in Roubaix. It is the leading web hosting company in Europe and ranks 4th worldwide.


With key technological accomplishments, such as its exclusive server water cooling system, OVH has continually encouraged innovation and performance while at the same time remaining committed to following an ecological and environmental approach.


OVH asked Global One Communication to identify and invite journalists from top-tier European media to visit OVH’s Roubaix IV data centre facility near Lille in France. The Roubaix IV facility incorporates innovative design features for optimal energy efficiency.


The objective was to hold a press conference at the facility to present and share OVH’s vision on how to tackle the environmental impact of cloud computing and growing data storage demands.



​Global One Communication invited editors, reporters and freelance journalists from Europe’s leading technology and data centre press, culminating in the event being attended by 24 journalists: 3 from Germany, 4 from Italy, 7 from Poland, 5 from Spain and 5 from the UK.


​The event was successful with extensive media coverage, including CBR online (Italy), IT Professional (Poland), Computer World (Spain) and ZDNet (UK).


Image by Antenna
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